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Some times you will come across incorrect information on your iupdate business file, information that you can not change without contacting D&B. Like incorrect UCC filing information. We all know that calling D&B is not a good idea. So if you notice a UCC number appearing on your file that is clearly not your companies or a filing that has already been cleared, what is the best thing to do?  I am assuming you checked with that states secretary department to double check if the public filing is consistent with what you think. Here is a useful e mail that you can use:

E mail them and state your case clearly and concisely,  attaching any “proof’, your Duns number etc. You see D&b does not make these type of e mails public on their website cause they want everyone to call them up so they can sell you one of there overpriced packages.

This is a follow up article from Part 1 that shows a small business that just got a Duns report (from Dun and Bradstreet) established. Part 1 shows the basics and this part shows how the report keeps changing as new items are updated as the business owner establishes his/her business credit by following the steps that we outline, vendor credit, public filings. This will be a series of articles and as the corp builds its credit I will keep posting the updated report and highlight the changes.

To read Part 1 click here and go to the bottom of the page, last article.

We all know that the format of D&B log in and the report has changed a little. Plus our corp (see the previous article on this subject) has certain information updated, meaning new information appears on its report.

The explanation of most of what you see above is in Part 1 (click here) and read the last article at the bottom of the page.

The page above shows the major changes that took place since this report was updated (see Part 1). Lets magnify this page and see the details. First the top half:

1  Notice the line above Public filing shows that on Sept 2 2010 a correction to the address info took place. It was an addition of an office location.

Ucc filings:

2 Notice the filing number (one of the ways the credit agencies look deeper into the filings)

……..to be continued. You can read this complete article (and Part 1) immediately by clicking the links below.

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Also read the first article on Dun & Bradstreet  for a better understanding of what D&B really looks for click here


Some days ago I was guiding one of my friends as he was trying to get his free Duns number from D&B. As he was new to the whole process I basically told him to apply for a free Duns number. It had already been more than 2 months since he applied. As expected he had already received 2 to 3 sales calls from Dun and Bradstreet. Of course I had asked him to politely decline and just wait for the free Duns number.Dun and Bradstreet will tell you that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a free duns number . In my friends case, it had been about 3 months since he took a little  longer setting up some of the other business-credit aspects that I had recommended.  He already had some lines of credit with certain vendors like Quills etc.  At this point we decided to call Dun & Bradstreet.

What followed was a classic example of what lengths D&B would go to just to make a sale.

An aggressive representative got on the phone. I had told my friend to act as an employee of the business (which technically speaking,  is  correct). The rep went on to explain that there is no way he can get a decent (!) duns number if he had not paid for it. My friend painstakingly mentioned that he had applied for a free Duns number. Also that the company he worked for had waited for more than two months for the free number and that should be long enough. He further explained that the company was certainly going to invest in one of D&Bs packages in the near future but for now he would like the free Duns number. And so it went, round and round. The rep claimed that he was checking the system and he could not find a duns number for the company and for such an such a dollar amount the duns number can be generated in “no time”.

The interesting part was this. As my friend was on the phone I was checking his business e mail. As my friend was being told that there was no Duns number I spotted an e mail from D&B with the free Duns number. That e mail was dated one month previous to that day.

Of-course I told my friend to politely say that he will let the relevant people in the company know and than to politely say goodbye.

Moral of this story: Be very careful what D&B tells you just to make a sale. Plus keep a very good relation with them since they are very important for business credit purposes.



How to improve your chances of getting credit from large banks like HSBC, Citibanks and others:One of your ultimate aims, as far as business credit, is to get revolving cash lines of credit. As you build your credit file you will have credit offerings mailed to you. I would strongly suggest to ignore these offers. At the early stages you want to nurture your file and  not burden it. You are likely to get approved by some of these banks but it will slow your progress later on. Your goals should be higher.

We all agree that not all banks are the same as far as their lending practices. Some banks are more conservative than others.  Lets take Citibank.  Citibank is probably one of the most dominant banks when it comes to starter revolving accounts. It stands to reason that you would want your business noticed by them. Did you know that Office depot, Home Depot, Staples, Dell, Sears, RadioShack are all backed by Citibank.  First registering with these companies and eventually getting some type of credit with some of them will certainly put you high up on Citibanks list. As a result your chances of getting lines of credit with Citibank will increase.

Similarly;  Walmart, Lowes and amazon.com are backed by GE Money bank. Walmart, Lowes and amazon.com all offer some type of credit that is worth pursuing if one of your aims is to get lines of credit with GE Money bank.In a few days I might get some more names of banks with their associated vendors and list them on this website. Also,  names of banks that are high up on my list as far as eventually getting cash lines of credit.In a few days I might get some more names of banks with their associated vendors and list them on this website. Also,  names of banks that are high up on my list as far as eventually getting cash lines of credit. Getting business credit established as soon as possible means “aligning” the business so the process flows in a smooth progression, leading up to banks giving you cash cards.



By now you should have decided on a low risk SIC code business. Your business should have a business address and a land-line phone. I am assuming that you know how to get your business incorporated.  You do not need a lawyer to incorporate a business and I will not go into detail in this article. I am sure you can search the many services on the web that help incorporate a business if you do not want to do it yourself. These services are still cheaper than using a lawyer. For our long-term business credit plans a C-corp is the best structure.

When you do receive your EIN number and Tax ID number get a corporate kit for the business. You can get a corporate kit from places like Offiice-depot. A corporate kit is a subject in itself but for now do understand that a business has to keep records of where it spends its money, the employees, policy etc. I will expand on this aspect in later articles but for now make sure you get your corporate kit.

A business land-line and a BUSINESS e-mail is also very important.

Now here is another tip that will show you what sets me (and my team) apart from the rest:  Get some business stationery; letter heads, business cards etc.  Why do you think business stationary is  important ? Every time you deal with vendors, banks (etc)  you should use your business stationary.  For example,  Dun and Bradstreet has been in business for a long time and basically knows what to look out for when rating a business.  When your business faxes something over to D&B and it is on plain paper it might not “red flag” you BUT it will be one more thing that cautions them. In this economy you need every advantage, nothing should be left to chance.  Remember very few are getting financing these days  and hence the ones that are getting any have a tremendous advantage. You should have everything in order and I can assure you that banks will stand in line to give you financing. Remember our country is build on credit – banks have to lend to survive.

By now I am sure you realize that business credit is not just a matter of getting a Paydex score by apply to some vendors.  However, I can assure you that it can be done by most people.

Your mind set should be one of setting up a business like a business is set up.


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I know, I know I guess that is an attention grabbing, “shock treatment” headline. Not true – true but there is one area that both these establishments seem to excel in.

Last week I spoke about the power of corporation in  our country. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is one of the biggest credit reporting agencies. They database information about companies (corporations etc) that do business with certain vendors and creditors. D&B also creates a file for your business and gives you a score once you have three trade lines that report. A trade line is similar to a credit line (secured or unsecured) in your personal credit (more of which later). Almost all  lending institutions use this business file as a part of their decision making process. The file is actually a critical part of the lending process.

As an example: Say you started a corporation and are now buying goods from certain vendors plus you have a lease agreement that is registered with the county clerk. Both these pieces of information will appear on your business credit report. D&B goes even further  in its search than most other bureaus. In fact  WHAT D&B looks at and considers is one of the big secrets of developing a fool proof business credit file. A file that will eventually get banks mailing you cash lines of credit. Yes – MAILING  you cash cards. So that is one of the lessons of this article.

Getting back to that catchy headline. D&B is a private for profit organization that is NOT based in USA. D&B makes its money by selling  products like business credit building and monitoring packages.  Many of their selling  tactics border on lying (I am actually being respectful ). Once you show an interest in establishing a business credit file they will call you and use high- pressure sales tactics that are actually illegal.

Many of my acquaintances have told me that they felt threatened by them and were “forced” to buy one of there useful but over priced products. Almost like  “an offer they could not refuse” .

At the same time you must realize that D & B are of utmost importance as far as building business credit. Keeping a good relationship with them is akin to keeping good business relations with your customers. In fact I actually suggest buying one of their packages as soon as you can just to keep a good relationship with them, even thoughstrictly speaking you do not need to pay them a dim.

The Second lesson; it is your complete business file with all its different components that is of primary concern in developing business credit. Many credit gurus will have you believe that a Paydex score is a good start. I believe saying that can be misleading. Building a solid foundation when creating a business file can be a totally separate issue than getting a decent paydex score as soon as possible.

My next article will go into more detail – more like a step by step guide in building business credit. I will write about SIC codes etc.

For now please understand that the first step is realizing that business credit is all about the power of corporation (last article). Secondly, D&B is very important in building your business credit file and your business file is much more important than any number/score.

Thank you.