I have been VERY busy establishing myself and my group. You see, this is a tremendous opportunity …we practice what we preach. We already have business credit build up,   now is the time to make use of it.  Well the past two years is when the investing part started for us.

No one can deny that the economy is changing (for better or for worst). As investors we have to take advantage of the situation. Rising prices means you have to sell and falling prices means you have to buy, either way, it is time to take action. Many undervalued assets are out on the market, real estate, abandoned restaurants, you name it. In certain parts of the country the market is already picking up and prices are sky rocketing . Also there is a strong rumor that the market will go down again. With the immigration law at the brink plus other obvious changes that are taking place around the world and especially USA you just know that there will be volatility in the real estate market (and any market for that matter). As an investor you have to take advantage of all this,  all you have to do is start with ONE such property and you can build on that.

Banks are not really easing up on giving capital BUT they ARE giving financing/credit to individual/businesses that are worthy. Read the articles and you will see how you can align yourself and your company for great financing. The basics really have not changed much

Here is a video that brings the point across (although I do NOT agree with everything these two say)


For now read the free articles on my website and take action




As you know we consider getting a Staples account an important step in business credit building. Here is a common confusion among some: When applying for the Staples card – remember it is easier initially to get a Net 30 pay account instead of a revolving account. That is the commercial billing account that asks you to pay the complete balance at the end of every 30 days. When you do have this account and use it for a couple of months it is easier to change it to a revolving account. In a revolving account you can pay a minimum every month if you want.

As we indicated on the site, Staples is a citibank backed card like Shell gas card. Of course with Staples you can get really creative. All that will make it easier for you to get a Citibank (or citibank backed) unsecured business credit card.