As you know we consider getting a Staples account an important step in business credit building. Here is a common confusion among some: When applying for the Staples card – remember it is easier initially to get a Net 30 pay account instead of a revolving account. That is the commercial billing account that asks you to pay the complete balance at the end of every 30 days. When you do have this account and use it for a couple of months it is easier to change it to a revolving account. In a revolving account you can pay a minimum every month if you want.

As we indicated on the site, Staples is a citibank backed card like Shell gas card. Of course with Staples you can get really creative. All that will make it easier for you to get a Citibank (or citibank backed) unsecured business credit card.


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We have an end of the sale on the site. Please check it out.

Also if anyone  purchased more than $50 worth of pdf and have not yet submitted their corp info please do so. All we need is the corp name and address as a minimum for posting to business credit.

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Hope all of you are really working on your business & personal credit. Remember this is the time to do it. Just yesterday I heard how one of our supporters got a Chase Business ink card. His personal credit was pulled BUT his personal credit is far from perfect. It was his business credit that really came to the rescue. He already had two Chase personal cards, one with higher limit than the other. Initially he got rejected for business credit card (Chase Ink Card). On my advise he called up Chase using the reference number on the rejection letter. Chase was just wonderful, they asked him to verify some information, seemingly checked his credit again. My friend gave them his business credit needs. The end result. Chase bank lowered the limit on one of his personal credit Chase cards and gave him a business Chase credit card instead. This is a classical case of banks really wanting to lend even though they are limited due to lending restrictions. Lenders make money lending. Now image if you have all your business file in order – most businesses find it difficult to borrow these days  so you will stand out and hence get great financing options.

Make sure that you emphasis that you are trying to get a business credit card and not a personal one. Chase has so many departments that it is easy to end up in the wrong place. They should get your corps EIN number and they also get your SS#. Make sure your business credit file is strong so your personal credit matters less.


A common confusion among business credit builders is dealing with the one and only Dun and Bradstreet.

Please do not call them – it is too much of a headache. Read these articles to learn more CLICK HERE

Third article down..

When you have a bunch of tradelines on your report – this is what you need to do. Go to DNBi website and apply for there 14 day free trail and see what your company report really looks like – as seen by the creditors.

Here is the link:

Also make sure that all the trade lines that you really have are in your report. If they are not than try adding them. Give them as much info as possible, say if you want to add Tech depot , give them your account number with Tech depot., the name and direct number of the rep that deals with you and all other information.

Remember this is not the same report as the one in the D&B iupdate

Notice it says that the free trail ends June 30th so make full use of it now.


For more free articles please visit

Look at what a Duns report looks like …

This is a follow up article from Part 1 that shows a small business that just got a Duns report (from Dun and Bradstreet) established. Part 1 shows the basics and this part shows how the report keeps changing as new items are updated as the business owner establishes his/her business credit by following the steps that we outline, vendor credit, public filings. This will be a series of articles and as the corp builds its credit I will keep posting the updated report and highlight the changes.

To read Part 1 click here and go to the bottom of the page, last article.

We all know that the format of D&B log in and the report has changed a little. Plus our corp (see the previous article on this subject) has certain information updated, meaning new information appears on its report.

The explanation of most of what you see above is in Part 1 (click here) and read the last article at the bottom of the page.

The page above shows the major changes that took place since this report was updated (see Part 1). Lets magnify this page and see the details. First the top half:

1  Notice the line above Public filing shows that on Sept 2 2010 a correction to the address info took place. It was an addition of an office location.

Ucc filings:

2 Notice the filing number (one of the ways the credit agencies look deeper into the filings)

…… be continued. You can read this complete article (and Part 1) immediately by clicking the links below.

Complete Part 2

Also read the first article on Dun & Bradstreet  for a better understanding of what D&B really looks for click here


I am constantly asked of more vendors that report to business credit. People understandably want varied accounts to appear on their business credit. What is happening now is the most common vendors that businesses have used (Office Depot etc) for many years are becoming hard to deal with. They will deliver your product on time no doubt but any questions that a customer asks regarding business credit reporting is given the run-around. Couple that with accounts taking too long to show-up and many people  doubt that the vendor even report anymore. By the way accounts taking too long to report might not necessarily be the vendors fault. Here are some lesser known vendors that report to business credit:

AZ snacks:

Vip Electronics:


Remember a business account through all of these.