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I have been VERY busy establishing myself and my group. You see, this is a tremendous opportunity …we practice what we preach. We already have business credit build up,   now is the time to make use of it.  Well the past two years is when the investing part started for us.

No one can deny that the economy is changing (for better or for worst). As investors we have to take advantage of the situation. Rising prices means you have to sell and falling prices means you have to buy, either way, it is time to take action. Many undervalued assets are out on the market, real estate, abandoned restaurants, you name it. In certain parts of the country the market is already picking up and prices are sky rocketing . Also there is a strong rumor that the market will go down again. With the immigration law at the brink plus other obvious changes that are taking place around the world and especially USA you just know that there will be volatility in the real estate market (and any market for that matter). As an investor you have to take advantage of all this,  all you have to do is start with ONE such property and you can build on that.

Banks are not really easing up on giving capital BUT they ARE giving financing/credit to individual/businesses that are worthy. Read the articles and you will see how you can align yourself and your company for great financing. The basics really have not changed much

Here is a video that brings the point across (although I do NOT agree with everything these two say)


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The Amex charge card, which has no ‘pre set limit’ and has to be paid in full at the end of the month, has been somewhat of a mystery in terms of building business credit.

First confusion – Does an Amex charge card report to any business credit agency or data collection agency (like D&B ). No it does not.

 On top of that it is a charge card – so if you are going to pay it off at the end of every month and it has no ‘set limit’ than what will the business credit report show anyway ?  ‘Zero’ activity and ‘no’ limit !!


Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE) is an agency similar to D&B except they are not- for-profit and have a MUCH LARGER data base than D&B.  SBFE database has files on small businesses just like D&B. Amex Express business cards (charge cards etc) is one of the companies that DOES report to SBFE……. Equifax commercial division (Equifax business credit) handles SBFE’s database.   So in that way creditors who run your Equifax business credit report will be able to see that you have Amex business card.

 Amex is a reputable name and if you do not go over-board in using it on a monthly basis, it will always look good in your business profile/file. Amex Gold card or even there Platinum card could be a stepping stone to say a Citibusiness credit card, a much larger business unsecured cash card.

Amex on your personal credit report (personal credit card) – now that is another story and that might have more cons than pros…. but that is for another article.

happy New year and Merry X mas…..

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Also if anyone  purchased more than $50 worth of pdf and have not yet submitted their corp info please do so. All we need is the corp name and address as a minimum for posting to business credit.

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Some times you will come across incorrect information on your iupdate business file, information that you can not change without contacting D&B. Like incorrect UCC filing information. We all know that calling D&B is not a good idea. So if you notice a UCC number appearing on your file that is clearly not your companies or a filing that has already been cleared, what is the best thing to do?  I am assuming you checked with that states secretary department to double check if the public filing is consistent with what you think. Here is a useful e mail that you can use:

E mail them and state your case clearly and concisely,  attaching any “proof’, your Duns number etc. You see D&b does not make these type of e mails public on their website cause they want everyone to call them up so they can sell you one of there overpriced packages.

Here is one great use. Say you have a Staples account. Now you might be approved for the standard $2000.00 business credit but you can only purchase from a Staples store.

What you can do is  buy one or many of their gift cash cards – with the Visa, Master or Amex logo and run it through your square-up and have access to the cash in a matter of two days. The cost will be the fee for transfer which will be a total of like $1-2 and the card cost which will be like $5. Equipped with this knowledge you can keep an eye out for any store that has cash cards or ANY credit card…….you get the idea. Be creative. Like you can use the cash to pay up most of the invoice(s) that you initially incurred with Staples (as an example) when you bought the gift c cards in the first place. That will  show activity on your business credit Staples account  with minimum money out of your pocket. So for like $6.00 you can have $100.00 worth of activity.

Now if you have two separate different store accounts that both carry gift cards you can actually initially buy gift cards to run a balance on one of them, than to pay that off buy gift cards from the other card. That way you can ‘kill two cards with one stone’ ! Making the balance zero on one card as you spend the other card (to buy gift cards to pay the other off). Sears and Staples both carry gift cards especially in the holiday season.

If you only use one store card (as ib the first example) the balance never really goes to zero, the balance is just pushed forward to the next month. Apply it and you will see what I mean.

Two ways, that way you have more options and that is always beneficial.


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A common confusion among business credit builders is dealing with the one and only Dun and Bradstreet.

Please do not call them – it is too much of a headache. Read these articles to learn more CLICK HERE

Third article down..

When you have a bunch of tradelines on your report – this is what you need to do. Go to DNBi website and apply for there 14 day free trail and see what your company report really looks like – as seen by the creditors.

Here is the link:

Also make sure that all the trade lines that you really have are in your report. If they are not than try adding them. Give them as much info as possible, say if you want to add Tech depot , give them your account number with Tech depot., the name and direct number of the rep that deals with you and all other information.

Remember this is not the same report as the one in the D&B iupdate

Notice it says that the free trail ends June 30th so make full use of it now.


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