OFF – SHORE CORPS for sales. We are working on that and will keep you posted.

Hope all of you are really working on your business & personal credit. Remember this is the time to do it. Just yesterday I heard how one of our supporters got a Chase Business ink card. His personal credit was pulled BUT his personal credit is far from perfect. It was his business credit that really came to the rescue. He already had two Chase personal cards, one with higher limit than the other. Initially he got rejected for business credit card (Chase Ink Card). On my advise he called up Chase using the reference number on the rejection letter. Chase was just wonderful, they asked him to verify some information, seemingly checked his credit again. My friend gave them his business credit needs. The end result. Chase bank lowered the limit on one of his personal credit Chase cards and gave him a business Chase credit card instead. This is a classical case of banks really wanting to lend even though they are limited due to lending restrictions. Lenders make money lending. Now image if you have all your business file in order – most businesses find it difficult to borrow these days  so you will stand out and hence get great financing options.

Make sure that you emphasis that you are trying to get a business credit card and not a personal one. Chase has so many departments that it is easy to end up in the wrong place. They should get your corps EIN number and they also get your SS#. Make sure your business credit file is strong so your personal credit matters less.