Consumers these days instinctively have their “hype antennas” up. But that “Get $90K credit…..90 days..”  headlines still seems to work for selling business credit solutions.

Lets start with the obvious. The changing economy has made lending very conservative. Lenders want your social security number when applying for business credit. That basically means that 99 times out of 100 they will look at your personal credit as well.

Notice that I said 99 times out of 100 and not 100 times out of 100. This will come as a shock to many semi- experts BUT there are still ways to get business credit even if your personal credit is not very good.  It just takes a little longer and the approach is different . It entails establishing a business file that can “stand on its own two feet”.

So can you get 90K (OR EVEN 60K)  of cash credit in 90 days ?  It is possible but highly improbable. Individual circumstances vary, their existing personal and business credit play a role. Existing business set up and recent activities play a role. Too many factors are involved and just like any art there is no one perfect answer.

Personally I think claims like the “90K in 90 days” give credit/finance experts a bad name. Too many quick buck artists with fancy websites. Having said that I do believe that if you have a good sense of the business credit (or personal credit) world, you can get very creative,  so much so that to the “onlooker” it might seem like magic.

To me it is like a delicate piece of puzzle put together and that of course can not be taught in “10 easy steps”. I also believe that our country is build on the finance “game”.  To me there is nothing quite like having massive funds available for investment opportunities. Observe the workings of large corporations and you will get an idea. Never under estimate the power of leverage. Read the first article that I wrote to get a basic idea.